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This is a live view of Grants Pass, OR.  Click here for time-lapse Movie
Thanks to Sis-Q Communications for providing a place to put the camera

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Name: Patricia Ciminello
Location: Astoria, OR
Oh no, so sorry. Poor Grants Pass! Praying for a strong wind and rain with no lightening! 😕
Posted on: Saturday, Aug 1, 2015
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Name: Eckhard Becker
Location: Achern, South Germany
Sorry my comment got cut off somehow ... I'm glad to have this beautiful view now from home again. Thanks to Austin for his hints to get there.
By the way: Fielder Mountain has nearly the same elevation as the Black Forest nearby ...
Posted on: Monday, Jun 1, 2015
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Name: Eckhard Becker
Location: Achern, South Germany
Last Monday I was happy to do the walk to the top of Fielders Mountain! Now I
Posted on: Sunday, May 24, 2015
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Name: Trish Wimpee
Location: Grants Pass, OR
I love this camera, so glad to have found it! Every town needs one of these. Thank you so much for maintaining it. Even though we have been under these foggy clouds for days, it sure is nice to see the sun is shining on top of Grants Pass & I am amazed again by the awesomeness of the beauty of seeing it from above. I need my sunshine Cheesy
Thank you Jesus!
Posted on: Saturday, Jan 31, 2015
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Name: Austin
Location: Grants Pass
Eckard - google Fielder Creek Rd in Rogue River, OR. The road will take you up toward the camera. You will likely reach a locked gate, but just stay on the road as your "hiking trail".

I usually look at this camera every day for a perspective. Its a great resource.
Posted on: Monday, Jan 26, 2015
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Name: Eckhard Becker
Location: Achern, South Germany
I visited my aunt in Grants Pass two years before. Since that time I enjoy the view of your camera, especially before phone calls. She is surprised how I know the actual weather conditions. That's a great possibility to stay connected an enjoy Oregon daylight, when it's dark around here! In May I'll be in Grants Pass again. I would like to visit the location of the camera. Are there hiking trails around? Thank you so much for providing this nice view! Smiley
Posted on: Thursday, Jan 22, 2015
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Name: gary
thank you for this cam , you also do very good work at your shop in town
Posted on: Monday, Nov 24, 2014
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Name: Nancy Reeves
Location: United States
I'm not seeing anything on the live cam? Its just a blank brown screen. I can see the time running.This is my first time checking it out.
Reply: The camera is located on a mountain east of town. That mountain is currently in the middle of the cloud layer. Once the clouds rise, lower or clear you'll see the town again.
rating rating rating rating rating
Posted on: Friday, Nov 7, 2014
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Name: Roger D. Sullivan
Location: Battle Ground, Wa.
I think this is the best thing to ever happen to Grants Pass, lived there a long time ago, and my daughter lives there now, so this is a sort of a way to see how things are in the old homestead.
Posted on: Sunday, Jul 6, 2014
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Name: Judith
Location: Grants Pass
Good morning. Just checked the picture of Grants Pass. What a sight! The lights are shimmering throug the rain. Beautiful!
Thanks for giving such a great view to folks.

Posted on: Tuesday, Mar 25, 2014
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