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Over 900 times a day is used for the best, most accurate and most current local weather information for Grants Pass. You can affordably reach these people while supporting local business.

By advertising on you could reach over 8,600 people viewing over 50,000 pages each and every month (according to third party statistics, Google Analytics).

Your ad will be shown at least 1,000 times during a month (over 33 times a day). Buy two ad slots get shown 2,000 times.

Why cost per 1,000 ads instead of a flat rate? Other sites charge a fixed rate per month or year. But how many times will your ad be shown? 10 times? 100 times? We guarantee your ad will be displayed a minimum number of times. Would you pay $50 for gas and not know if you were getting one gallon, ten gallons or a fill-up until it was pumped? Of course not!


Run of site (ad rotates through all pages) per 1,000 ad displays per month:
  • Top banner (728x90) - $25/quarter or $75/year
  • Right skyscraper (160x600) - $30/quarter or $100/year
  • Bottom banner (468x60) $15/quarter or $50/year
Fixed Page Sponsorship (you get all ads in a particular spot on one page)
  • Forecast (minimum average 7,000 ads per month)
    • Top banner (728x90) - $150/quarter or $500/year
    • Right Skyscraper (160x600) - $175/quarter or $600/year
  • Webcams (static, streaming and daily archive pages, minimum average 5,000 ads per month)
    • Top banner (728x90) - $100/quarter or $350/year
    • Right Skyscraper (160x600) - $200/quarter or $675/year
  • Radar (static and animated pages, minimum average 4,000 per month)
    • Top banner (728x90) - $85/quarter or $300/year
    • Right Skyscraper (160x600) - $100/quarter or $350/year
If you ad isn't displayed at least the minimum number of times you'll get a 25% refund!

Ad Creation Advertiser is responsible for providing advertising content. For banner ads we can create one for you for a one-time charge of $50 which includes up to three revisions (additional revisions $20 each).

Daily Forecast Text, E-mail and Facebook (Exclusive Sponsorship) Forecasts and e-mails are sent to over 300 people every day and the forecast is posted on Facebook. Your business name will be at the beginning of each text, and a text ad included with each e-mail and Facebook forecast post. Over 10,000 times a month your business will be seen! Cost: $500/quarter or $1700/year.

What we won't advertise Only ads appropriate for all ages will be accepted. Ads for tobacco, gambling, alcohol, adult oriented content, dating, hate speech, violence or other categories we determine inappropriate will not be accepted. Also ads with possibly misleading statements ("You're the 100th visitor so you win", "Your computer has a virus. Click here to fix it", etc.) will be rejected. We reserve the right to reject any ads.

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